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And we’re here to make sure you’ve the right PA to go with it.

Having supplied for the Edinburgh Festivals for a number of years, theatre and performing arts is part of our DNA. Each show is unique in its own way, and our PA can be tailored for your show.

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Our bespoke theatre services

  • Line Array

    Our expansive stock of d&b PA enables us to work in just about any venue.  We have lightweight V-Series, Y-Series and T-Series boxes that are perfect for theatre applications and can be rigged in a matter of minutes.  ArrayCalc technology is used to generate sound prediction models for your space.

  • Distributed and Discreet

    Some older theatres may find it a struggle to fly several boxes of line array, so we also stock a wide range of point source boxes.  Our E-Series boxes are perfect for filling those gaps, while not appearing obtrusive on the set.

  • Sound Design & Audio Solutions

    As part of SFL Group, our in-house sound designers have worked across the country including in the West End and are capable of working within an already established creative team.

    We can offer soundscape construction, alongside original compositions and SFX creation to best suit your piece, helping create a sound language that translates across the entire production.