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At the leading Edge

Our depth of experience and wide range of technical knowledge we will make sure everyone can hear loud and clear.

We’re often faced with challenging environments, from an acoustically challenging cathedral to a green field festival site. We will work with your budget using the latest technology from leading industry brands, to help deliver high quality crystal clear audio solutions, regardless of the surroundings.

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FE's Audio Services

  • Audio System Design

    After venue acoustics, the audio system design is the single most important factor in ensuring your message is delivered with the best possible clarity. Utilising simulation software we are able to fulfil all the tasks associated with acoustic design, alignment, performance prediction and safety parameters. Using these tools we can significantly reduce the setup and tuning time required onsite.

  • Digital Control Solutions

    Utilising the latest technology, we are always on the leading edge, with a core understanding networking from TCP/IP to industry¬†architecture… MADI, REAC, AES50, ETHERSOUND, DANTE to name but a few.

    Often working with R&D departments we are privileged to be consulted on the future direction of product ranges and are often able to influence to the benefit of our clients.

  • RF Management

    From simple packages to comprehensive multi channel set-ups, FE understand the importance of detailed planning to combat the RF environment. Using sophisticated computer modelling we are able to design solutions which are intermodulation free. We then coordinate with the authorities to make sure your event or installation is trouble-free.

  • Band Stage Packages

    Working alongside musical directors, musicians and tour managers, we carry a wide range of equipment in our hire inventory to meet your needs. With today’s technology we look to make your life easier. Our custom rack packaging allows for quick and efficient set ups, leaving you more time on stage in advance of your event.

  • Multi-track 'Live' Audio Recording

    Madi? Dante? REAC? Ethersound? WAV? MP3? AIFF? 44.1K? 48K? 96K?

    ‘Live’ Capture of your event, or a fully¬†polished CD from our specialised in-house studio, we understand the various technologies and how best to use them to meet your needs. These systems also offer the ability to enable our engineers to perform ‘virtual sound checks’ in the venue before the band even arrives on site, generating more space and increasing time with the band.

  • Custom Designed Solutions

    How we package our solutions is key to the unique approach that we bring. From truck pack to multi-cores, we are always looking for a better way to overcome the challenges faced by the fast paced environments we work in. We package our equipment to enable us to manage the logistics in the most time effective way.