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Maintaining the most advanced rental fleet in Scotland.

FE Live have always believed maintaining the most advanced rental stock in Scotland is key in our quest to deliver the highest possible audio quality at every live event we undertake.  Investment in the latest products from leading manufacturers keeps everything sounding as good as it can; flexible signal routing, higher channel counts, and increased system redundancy help deliver the demands of today’s most complex productions.

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Digital Control Systems

  • Digico

    FE Live call on Digico consoles for some of our most complex productions.  The huge amount of customisation and automation available allows for essentially limitless creativity when it comes to engineer workflow, signal routing or integration with waves plugins.  Digico consoles are renowned for their sonic excellence and highly transparent audio quality.  FE Live stock Digico SD12, SD10, SD9, SD11 and S21 consoles with a wide variety of SD and D2 racks – including the new Digico 32bit mic preamps.

  • Midas

    When it comes to history and a worldwide reputation for outstanding audio quality, Midas digital consoles have it covered.   Midas consoles are used on some of the largest worldwide tours with the world’s biggest artists.  Renowned Midas preamps, EQ and Klark Teknik dynamics allow the engineer to focus on the details while mixing.  POP groups brought a new way of managing high channel count shows to the live scene making it quick and easy to get control of the required input.  Analogue-style metering, gain and EQ pots bring some ‘feel’ to the mix and make it easy to make fine adjustments during a show.  FE Live stock Midas Pro X, Pro 2, Pro 2C, Pro 1, M32 and M32R consoles with DL 231, DL251, DL153 and DL155.

  • Yamaha

    Yamaha consoles provide the user with many unique and powerful features, such as on board Dante audio networking, enabling direct integration with other Dante devices from many different manufacturers.  Onboard plugins designed by Rupert Neve add a touch of flair when mixing live music and the Dan Dugan Automixer is seen as an indespensible tool for engineers working on a busy corporate event or conference.  Yamaha consoles continue to deliver the reassuring build quality and reliability which makes them ideal for the most critical events.  FE Live stock Yamaha CL5, QL5 and QL1 consoles with Rio 3224 and 1608 stage boxes.