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As part of SFL Group, FE Live offer one of the largest and most advanced RF rental fleet in the UK.  With radio microphones and in ear monitor systems evolving into a critical part of todays complex live productions, its important to get things right first time.  The RF spectrum available for live events continues to offer new challenges,  with an increasing channel count requirement across live shows.  FE Live have the latest technology available, complemented by a highly skilled team of RF engineers who have many years experience designing and coordinating large RF systems globally.

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We stock a wide range of Microphones

  • Radio Microphones

    Across SFL group we stock over 400 channels of radio microphones from our flagship digital systems Shure Axient Digital and Sennheiser 6000 series to our analog Shure UHFR and Sennheiser G3 systems we have the right kit for the job.  Supported by a range of accessorises from antennas and spectrum analysers to a wide selection of hand held capsules from Shure, Sennhesier, DPA, Audix  and Telefunken.

  • IEM Systems

    IEM systems play a huge role in todays live shows with the majority of touring artists relying on them as the main monitoring source.  FE Live have freighted IEM systems around the world, with many of our touring clients relying on the same custom package for every show.

    Antennas and antenna combiners can also have a huge effect on the performance of an IEM system.  We stock helical antennas and antenna combiners from USA based RF pioneers Professional Wireless Systems, Shure and Sennheiser to make sure your event runs without a hitch.