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Crystal clear audio

From award shows to local authority events, it’s imperative to use the right system to deliver your message.

We thrive under the pressure of the live environment, and have discreet point source solutions for intimate speech, to large-scale line-array for outdoor concert & public address.

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Real problems solved

  • Speakers for every event

    FE Live stock the widest range of d&b kit in Scotland.

    We have E-Series, Q-Series and Y-Series for ‘speaker on stick’ solutions, while we also have V-Series and J-Series for larger concert-style events and large audience public address.

  • Rigging

    As standard, our d&b E-Series, Y-Series, Q-Series and V-Series come with flying brackets and associated rigging – perfect for flying speakers from truss.

  • Clever Cabling

    With the adoption of Cat6 and fibre cabling solutions, we can keep messy cable runs to a minimum.  We’re very aware of the need to keep your event aesthetically pleasing for both customer and client.

    Along with the advances in wireless mixing technology, we can keep our operation out of sight, while still monitoring audio in the room.

  • Our Engineers

    Nothing phases our engineers, who have a wealth of experience not just in corporate events, but in theatre, sporting events, live music, and arena touring.  Feel at ease knowing our engineers will take care of those last-minute entertainment bookings.